Author: sarah

On Going Woo Woo

July 29, 2016

Where to begin? These last three months have been a super struggle for me. It just seemed to be that nothing would go right. We were working on a remodel and it was literally one thing after another. These weren’t the good kind of surprises. Details were over looked. Workmanship sucked. The management of the project was poor. And that was the stuff that was…

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In the aftermath of tragedy this week, I’ve been angry. I’ve been sad. I’ve been dejected, downcast, and so unnaturally muted. My experience in the world this week has been numbed. I, usually the one with the untamed happiness. I, the one whose brain jumps happily from one trackless train of thought to the next in a series of boundless amusing “Squirrel” moments, have felt dull. Strangely quiet. This is not right. This is not good. This is not me. My light has been shrouded. It hurts. This video though. Mandatory. Join me in posting the good stuff. Let’s be the light, my cousin. Let’s change the world.

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Create Something

March 15, 2016

…they take what I am and what I write or photograph, what I think and make room for more. Surely if I didn’t create I might explode.

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Hope: Not Just A Horse

March 8, 2016

She was Hope, and she was beautiful.

She has a purpose. She takes kids of all shapes and sizes and imperfections and she does something magical, something almost angelic.

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Pura Vida, Indeed

March 3, 2016

We got muddy, sometimes bloody and bitten by bugs. We donned harnesses and climbed 80 foot trees, only to jump off and swing like Jane and hang in the air like a spider from a web. We chewed fear and spit it back out.

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I really, really want to live my dreams… oh snap, is this a midlife crisis? No, it’s been happening for awhile. I’m antsy. I’ve got itchy feet and want to fly, with the hubby in tow, of course. Not that kind of itchy feet. I am so swallowed up with the need for change. Change of pace, place and space. What do you do though, when…

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Adventures in Tico Time

January 22, 2016

As they were loading our things, el Tico said, “Fragile?” and very seriously I said, “Si! Vodka!” He stopped a minute, gave me a hard look, crossed himself, gave me a big toothy grin, patted my bag gently and put my case aside to make sure it was on top. I love this country!

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This is exciting. No, I mean really exciting. I have tested our trip leader and she is not flappable. You are welcome, trip-mates. I tried. I really, really tried. I, however can be completely counted on for excitement. As if you doubted for one second that it would be boring to travel with me. Bawhahahaha. Oh, no. I sit here typing madly on an adrenaline fueled junkie…

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