Growing Older But Not UP!

Life’s short! Living isn’t always easy, but it’s always an adventure.

Here’s what I’m doing for this 50th Birthday Challenge, this 50 before 50 frenzied extravaganza of ferocious fun!

(Updates will happen continually right here! So please bookmark this page if you’d like to cheer me on!)

The List:

    • Learn 5 songs on the guitar (I am a beginner, I know one chord)
    • Hit my body fat goal: hahaha NOT
  • Mountain Bike Race
    1. Palo Duro Mountain Bike Marathon
  • Write a Song
  • Travel Blog Paid Gig: Pura Vida Indeed
  • Get an RV/Camping Trailer
  • Spend 50 nights not in my house (7 to go)
    1. 4 nights Dallas for Blog Elevated conference
    2. 3 nights Port Aransas with friends
    3. 1 night in Canyon TX for Palo Duro bike race
    4. 3 nights in Canyon / Amarillo – Thanksgiving
    5. 3 nights at a ranch / family
    6. 4 nights in the back yard tent!
    7. 2 nights in Boulder
    8. 4 nights in Denver
    9. 18 days in Beautiful British Columbia
    10. 1 night in Dallas for Tennis Sectionals
  • See 50 live performances
    1. Sunday in the Park With George at the Long Center
    2. Hilary York @Continental Club Gallery
    3. Beat Root @Continental Club Gallery (fave!)
    4. Beat Root @ Continental Club Proper
    5. Kinky Boots at the Bass Concert Hall (New favorite!)
    6. Saw The Moth at The Paramount Theatre
    7. Beat Root Revival @ Continental Club
    8. Mingo Fishtrap @ One to One Bar (***)
    9. Beat Root Revival @ Ginny’s Little Longhorn
    10. Shakey Graves @ Redrocks Ampitheatre
    11. Saw Kara Bliss perform at the Baker Theater
    12. Missy Higgins at the Bluebird Theater Denver
  • Do an open mic (singing)
  • Go to a blogging conference (Done! Blog Elevated in Dallas)
  • Sing Karaoke in a bar full of strangers (Done!)
  • Read or listen to 10 books (OVERACHIEVER)
    1. Shadows of Self byBrandon Sanderson
    2. Tribes by Seth Godin
    3. The Girl On the Train by Paula Hawkins
    4. Son of The Black Sword by Larry Correia
    5. Brain on Fire by Susannah Cahalan
    6. Power Down by Ben Coes
    7. The Bands of Mourning by Brandon Sanderson
    8. Back Blast by Mark Greeney
    9. The Dead Yard by Adrian McKinty
    10. Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith
    11. Rain Dogs by Adrian McKinty
    12. After You by JoJo Moyes
    13. Hero by Perry Moore
    14. The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith
    15. Calamity by Brandon Sanderson
  • Donate $100 each to 5 good causes
    1. Heifer International
    2. Spirit Reins Ranch
    3. One World Play Project
    4. Out Youth
    5. Sustainable Food Center
  • Surprise 5 people with random gifts: 4 left to do
  • Go to a Foot Massage Parlor Done!!
  • Perform with a live band in public: Done!
  • Have my own music gig:
  • 5 nights of sleeping outside (done!) 7 nights in a tent in British Columbia
  • 50 Random Acts of Kindness
    1. Requested a Blanket for a little lady who was freezing in the doctor’s office.
    2. Caulked a friends kitchen
  • Do the BC Bike Race: Hubs is riding it. I decided that this wasn’t my thing. I’ll be volunteering on the course.
  • Do 5 festivals (4 to go)
    1. Dia De Los Muertos Round Rock
  • 5 Hikes (done)
  • Hike a fourteener
  • Volunteer
    1. Urban Roots Farm
    2. BC Bike Race

Will I do a frenzied fifty hour finale? I haven’t decided.

Should I?