I’m so glad I found this today because I wrote it as a guest blog for another website that is no longer there. It’s been about 8 months since I tackled the subject of “love”. As a human, I’ve struggled with being kind to myself. I’ve been the victim of my own self loathing. You know, that thing we all (well, most of us) do where the self talk is the kind of communication that you would never offer to someone else? In fact, I’ve caught myself thinking, “Holy cow, if I heard someone say that out loud to someone, there would be words. I wouldn’t stand for that. Why do I say it to me?” I’ve written about it a few times. (I Am Enough, Stinkin’ Thinkin’) I still struggle with it. However, for some reason, I don’t mind getting older. I don’t know, maybe I can’t stop time and life just gets better with age? Well, I hope you enjoy.

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Hey world, I’m about to turn 50 and I couldn’t care less what number shows up on my cake. You can bet there will be cake, lots of cake, because quite honestly, as the number gets bigger, life just keeps getting better. There’s no law that says you have to grow up. I’m pretty sure that I don’t act my age, nor do I plan to in the future, but good things come with age. I laugh in the Botoxed face of vanity, and, you might find this a bit shocking (sit down if you need to), I LOVE my laugh lines. There’s evidence right there on my face that

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Accidental Hippie Selfie

I’ve lived, and loved and laughed. Oh, how I love to laugh! I’m constantly amazed, amused, chagrined, humbled, saddened and sickened at our society’s propensity to obsess (obscenely) over the perceived notion that getting older is a crime of nature and that time is a cruel mistress.

It’s seems ludicrous when you really sit back (a wee nip of vodka helps) and ponder the idea that we somehow become something less as we age. We seem to have swallowed that bass-akward thought hook, line and sinker (to the absolute delight of plastic surgeons and cosmetic companies I might add). We’ve accepted the notion that getting older is something that should be fought tooth (think veneers) and nail (acrylic). I’m here to declare loud and proud that getting older is a joy! I say that with a straight, but slightly wrinkled,face and a well used heart.

With each birthday, I find that I like myself a whole lot more than I once thought I did. I’ve mellowed in so many ways. What a relief it is to like, no, make that LOVE, who I am. I’m proud that I’m a mom, an athlete, a writer, a wife, a marketing professional, a friend, a laugher, an empathizer, a philanthropist, an optimist, an outdoorsy woman, a helper, a board member, a tennis player, a soccer lover, a traveler and so many other cool and

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I’m many things. I’m a mom, traveler, adventurer, a wife, a wanderer. I’ve got wrinkles!

wonderful things. I recognize that despite the fact that I pen a blog about trying to lose that 50 Pound Monkey, that I find the “humor in the face of fat.” I relish the idea that I’ve become decidedly wiser, stronger and more confident. And mellow, did I mention that? I do not live in Colorado (grin) I’m not that kind of mellow, well not right now at this moment… but I’ve found that the older I get, there’s some slack in the line. I’m not wound so tight. I am completely and utterly imperfect and I’m good with that.

I have found that I’m more tolerant of people who are doing their best, but annoy the hell out of you anyway. I find that it’s easier to see (even with my ever increasing prescription readers) what’s in people’s hearts and find their good. It is so much easier to speak my mind, (the disappearing filter phenomenon maybe?), when I need to. I stand up for people. With every birthday, my need to impress every single person diminishes. I’m so much more selective about who and what deserves my time and my passion. I’ve learned to say no, politely and without remorse, of course. There’s so much to look forward to.

I love my age. I’m okay with getting older. I’m certainly not rushing it, I’m savoring it. Hello, you’re getting older too. Embrace that fact! Stop wasting energy and years of yourbe silly, grow up, have fun, aging, birthdays life (not to mention money) in denial. It most definitely is a fact, a universal truth that we can not change.Think about what you are. Make a list even. Are you a parent? A hard worker? A gentle friend? A soul mate? A joker? A musician? A student? Think about what you know. What do you believe? Who do you love? We all have a journey in this life. Some of us take the scenic routes, some take the bullet trains and some of us are standing beside the freeway with our thumbs up, but that’s okay! You’re wiser than you were last year and probably cooler, too. Birthdays are milestones that should be appreciated. Celebrate that extra year. Love getting older.Yes, life is short. Better to enjoy the ride while you can still feel the wind in your hair or on your bald head. Age is a good thing.

My mom once told me that she thought her 40s were the best time of her life, but that was before she hit 50. “Oh honey,” she said with a mischievous sparkle in her eyes, “Sixty is even better!”

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