So many people are struggling to make sense of what is happening in this world, to our country and to our sense of where we belong. Some of us are struggling with deciding whether we belong at all. When shock and crazy are pounding us from all sides, we begin to take sides. We begin to question not only who we are and what we believe, but who our We2friends are. We question our own relatives. We ask why and how, a lot. Some of us puff out our chests and peacock. Some of us sit at home and cry. So many of us vent in public forums with anger, lashing out at people we’ve loved and trusted sometimes for the whole of our lives.

These times, these feelings overwhelm me and cause me to live in a state of perpetual distress. I too, struggle. In fact at times I’ve felt stress so deep that I’ve wanted to run, and had I not had two lovely children and a family that would remain, I’d already be living hand to mouth in Costa Rica, or in a small village in Spain. Perhaps, I’d live in a tiny house in British Columbia. Yet, I stay. I face my own angst and yours. I feel the electricity and waves of your vibrations running through me and hitting mine like I’m stuck in the surf being pounded into the coral sand bottom and desperately seeking the surface and a breath of air; I’m pounded down again. I’m not the only one suffering, empath or no. I’m not equipped to shield myself from other’s emotions, try as I might. Here I remain, and here I must try to change the world’s vibrations as best I can. Here’s where I turn. I write. I pass on good things.

This video is beautiful. The truth is there. Please watch. We is better.