This has been a wild year for many reasons. Personally though, I’ve been really busy, not writing lately (sad face), but really living this life and doing so many new things. One of my projects, in addition to painting bright crazy colorful things, paintings has been making music with friends. We’ve even started a wee cover band here in Austin, called Moonstoned. My great friends Merrily and Stephen, have both been professional musicians in their lives. Stephen, who toured the world with Leonard Cohen, is still a musician and it is the only job he’s ever known. I, on the other hand, am the freshman, the newb, the Sarah-come-lately. It all started with wanting to take voice lessons, just because I never had. I’m not a shy person, but ask me to sing in front of people, and suddenly, whoosh… that confidence and fun leaves the room along with all the air in my lungs. With the guidance of my amazingly talented voice coach, Merrily, I’ve come out of that shell (well mostly). We discovered our blend of voices was natural and fun while singing at a “sing club” event Merrily hosts for her students. We decided if we could just make it fun, and not make this band idea a total pain, that we’d like to perform together. Thus, Moonstoned was born. We joke that we sing back porch music, pretty much like we’d perform in someone’s living room. Laid back, intimate and fun! We have such a blast playing covers of the music we love like, Bonnie Raitt, The Dixie Chicks, Joni Mitchell, and many singer-songwriters both local and abroad (Jayme Dee, Kacy Chambers, Missy Higgins) . Here’s a link to our website, and as a Christmas gift, there are a few tracks we recorded in a friend’s living room! 🙂 Live music is the best music, even if it’s rough and raw!

With 2016 all but in the rear-view mirror, I’ll be looking more to music and art for the gift and joy they bring to me. Sharing the joy is a definite bonus, so I’ll be writing some too.