I’ve seen the ads popping up on Facebook a lot lately. I’ve mostly ignored them. Today though, I thought, what’s the big deal with the socks? Enough about the socks already! Who advertises socks on Facebook? I’m sort of a marketing nerd and enjoy checking out strategy and products. So, I clicked the video link just to see. It’s a Saturday morning and I’m waiting for the family to wake, so well, why not? It gets me up and out of the political vitriol anyway!

Who knew that socks were such a big deal? I’m buying some socks today, just saying. Two guys have taken a much needed item and turned it into not only a tattoo worthy business, but more importantly and impressively they’ve turned it into a thoughtful and lovely humanitarian one as well. Well done, and thank you for being an example of awesomeness. I needed this story in my heart today!

Here’s to happy feet! Let’s shop socks!