This moment is real. Right now as we live and breathe, this is all that we have. In this moment, this very second, reality has arrived. Weird. I’ve nowequalsrealitynever thought about it like this. In my last post, I said that for awhile now, I’ve been pretty aware that I’ve been living in the future and missing my todays. I’d say things like, “I’ll go for it when I’ve lost these stupid 50 pounds,” or “when the kids are off in college and we buy that motor home…” uh, yeah. I’ve been living like that. Trudging on. I’ve been waiting for the some day. Guess what? That’s a fantasy. It’s a figment of my imagination, and trust you me, I’ve got one helluvan imagination!

Recently, my coach gave me some homework. One of my tasks was to read Practicing the Power of Now, which is basically the cheater notes version of The Power of Now. I downloaded it to my Audible account and have been listening in small segments because, oh, for the love… non-fiction makes me yawn. However, this book is profound! Continuously! So, in sound-bite segments, it’s more absorb-able and actually interesting. You ready for that nugget of truth? NOW is profoundly it. The past is a memory. It’s done and dusted, so to speak. Gone, not happening. The future is merely a projection of what might, possibly happen some day, or, well, not. We all know that tomorrow may not show up for us. We know that. What’s happening right now, that’s the only real moment. Seriously. Think about it.

So, I sat there gushing sweat in the sauna. I paused my book. Really, it’s hard to breathe in there sometimes, and I definitely needed to chew that thought awhile. One of the things Eckhart Tolle points out is that when you’re stressed, focus on your breathing and ask yourself, “what problem do I have right at this moment.” Well besides voluntarily losing buckets of water, I felt pretty good at that moment. Goals, though based on an end result in the future, are essential. Since reality is only now, you need to figure out if what you’re doing right now (reality) can help you accomplish your goal because really, you can only do now, right now. Melting my fat, losing tons of water, purifying my body… check! Ding, ding, ding that was a yes!

Light bulb moment for me, that thought. I believe that one of the reasons I’ve been finding it so hard to lose weight is that I tend to project myself into the future. I want to be at that goal right now. And, dammit, we know that’s not possible. It takes time. So, if I can focus my efforts to just this moment, to right now, to what’s actually real, it takes the burden off. It takes the idea out of my head (mostly) that this is going to take 6 months of supreme torture. It is, actually, but I can take anything one moment at a time. Truth. If I catch myself staring at the HOT NOW sign at Krispy Kreme, I can ask myself if what I’m doing right now in the real, real moment is helping me achieve my projected future outcome. Well then, for that moment, I can keep on driving. Oh, these little profound nuggets of truth. I will cling to them. (grin) No, really.

How does that thought feel in your head? Now is all we have. It is all that is real. It seems so simple. I’m starting to believe that truth is often simple. We already know these things. We know that right now is real. I guess I just didn’t think of my past as a memory. It’s not something I can touch or feel. Yes, my head remembers and I can feel emotion about it, but it’s not happening now. Same with the future, even more so.

NOW is it. Close your eyes. Feel the now. Feel your life. It’s beautiful. It’s peaceful, right now.


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