I’ve been struggling this week. In the aftermath of the Orlando massacre and all the ugly bickering and political folly playing out all over our country — no, playing out all over this beautiful blue planet, I’ve struggled. I’ve been angry. I’ve been sad. I’ve been dejected, downcast, and so unnaturally muted. My experience in the world this week has been numbed. I, usually the one with the untamed happiness. I, the one whose brain jumps happily from one trackless train of thought to the next in a series of boundless amusing “Squirrel” moments, have felt dull. Strangely quiet. This is not right. This is not good. This is not me. My light has been shrouded. It hurts.

I posted this photo as my new Facebook header in response to the chaos and nasty rhetoric being thrown back and forth on social media.Costa Rica Coast Peace Love Light

Then my lovely friend Christine had had enough. She said she was only going to post good stuff, the flowers of life. I’ve read her every post since. Another dear friend, Ted, posted an article about a Jet Blue flight where a grandmother was flying to Orlando to bury her grandson who was gunned down at Pulse. I cried. Reminded suddenly that we are kind. Then, my wonderful old  friend Lilly posted this video. It may be a veiled commercial for a DNA company, but what a beautiful way to use their science for the good of humankind. I need this good stuff. I need to feel it, to know that we all have so much in common. I wish I could single-handedly make this video viral. It’s that important. It’s that powerful, touching and heart opening. Please watch it. Share it. Keep it in your heart and know we are all connected deeply. Let go of hate, bias and prejudice even if you think it’s not there. Let go. We humans, we are a we.

Join me in posting the good stuff. Let’s be the light, my cousin. Let’s change the world.