He’s right you know.

Kurt Vonnegut correctSome people are compelled to create, without a choice, really, but I believe that everyone has the ability and can experience the joy of it. There’s an innate satisfaction, proof of sentience in creating. Make something. Write something. Draw something. No matter what it is, it’s probably never been done exactly like that before. There’s something on a page, a new dish in the oven, the intentions have spread their wings in the universe and your soul will shift at having done something new.

I think that’s why I write… and sing and doodle incessantly. I need to create things. It’s my drug, or maybe it’s my lifeline. This blog and the three others I fiddle with, they take what I am and what I write or photograph, what I think and make room for more. Surely if I didn’t create I might explode.

We all need room inside us. Perhaps, if we created more, the world would be happier. People wouldn’t have so much crammed inside themselves squeezing the life, the breath out of them. What if people, all people, did something creative every day. They unleashed something good upon the world? The universe would certainly be better for it.

Go ahead. Make something where there was nothing before.