Our Wellness Adventure has already begun! We’re not on airplanes just yet, but we had a Happy Hour, a “Jungle Jane” happy hour to be precise.JJHH2016 Here we all (but three) got to mix and meet and raise a glass to the adventure that we’ve begun. What an amazing group of women! I’m humbled, blown away, and absolutely besotted with my trip mates. Most of them, I’ve called my friends for years, but even the new-to-me ladies won me over in about 2.64 seconds. It couldn’t be a better, smarter, more talented or fun group. It couldn’t. Just. Not. Possible.

In our small group, we collectively represent 400 years, more or less, of experience on this planet. Most of us are native Texans, the rest have been here for decades. In our midst we’ve got massage therapists, a lawyer, a VP of sales, a physician, junk dealer, a consultant, business development specialist, writer, mamas and a yoga teacher.

We are diverse, we are interesting, smart and fierce. We are proud parents to 2 girls, 2 boys, 7 dogs, 4 cats, and a few birds! We have talents, too. We boast a champion knitter, a clogger, singers, tennis players, nature seekers; we’ve got women who can touch their noses with their tongues, soccer players, mountain bikers, former junior Olympians, some who play guitar, ukulele, fiddle, piano, drums and spoons. If you listen closely, you might hear us singing Bob Marley, Madonna, John Denver, Indigo Girls, Dave Matthews, Willie, Johnny Cash and David Bowie as we hike through the jungle or dance around our bonfire. We’ll sing loud to the stars, the monkeys, the full moon to the universe and life will happen in the moment. Pura Vida.

I’m ready for this trip. Actually I was ready before I signed up. I need some Tico time. Bring on the waterfall repelling! Point me up the trail and start the hiking. Show me which tree to climb, hand me a surfboard. River mud? Sure, I’ll smear it everywhere and I’ll love every moment. I’ll take a toddy and am ready to laugh. Wait, I’ll need a massage, and a good morning yoga stretch too. Let’s do this! I hope the monkeys are ready. We’re almost on our way.

This adventure will be:
“once in a lifetime”
“frikk’n awesome”
“deeply happy”
“f’n amazing”
“a blast’
“unforgettable” and
“super ridiculously fun.”

It will be more than we expect, this I know.  Nature will heal us. Friendships will grow. Our lives will be forever changed.

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