Sometimes, I am perfect at this!

I’m the first to admit that my blogging has taken a back seat. No, maybe my blogging has taken the back road this year. Wait, maybe I’m just a slacker. It’s  depressing interesting to see my stats for my “outlet” writing for the year. They’re pretty non-existent. My blogging is where I write for fun, not profit. Hmmm, have I been lacking fun in my world? Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, I’m going to kick it up a notch. No promises, a notch doesn’t mean much when you’re as good at the slacker mode as I. However, there’s this; I will be updating my 50 Before 50, but I will also be blogging for the next few weeks about my upcoming Wellness Adventure to Costa Rica with a crew of amazing women. Yup. Get ready for monkeys, waterfalls, singing, climbing, kayaking, surfing and (surprise) Ruby Red Vodka drinking. Oh, I can’t wait. Tune in!