Growing Older But Not UP!

Life is short! Living isn’t always easy, but it’s always an adventure. When I turned 40 I did a challenge that kept us busy for the whole year prior to my birthday. I had a “see 40 live bands” challenge that was definitely my favorite because I love music. It was fun for my hubby too! We get in a rut of hanging out at home, or in the ‘burbs and don’t soak in as much as we could. It helped that we live in Austin, Texas, the “live music capitol of the world” because there’s music everywhere, every day. When I’d get behind, we could go to 6th street or hit up the festivals like SXSW and check off several bands in a night.

I had a bunch of goals that year that culminated in a 40 hour marathon of physicality. During the last 40 hours of my 39th year, my goal was to mountain bike 40 miles, swim 40 laps, lift 4 tons of weights, 400 push ups, 400 crunches, drink 4 Shiner Bock beers and 4 margaritas and who knows what else. Because my birthday falls at the very end of August when temperatures are well over 100 degrees, you might surmise that I didn’t quite pull it off as I had imagined I would. You would be correct! I got so dehydrated during my first 30 miles of mountain biking that when I got into the pool to cool off and do laps, I completely cramped up — a whole body everywhere kinda cramp. There was no swimming, no going back on the bike. I got the weights lifted, though. I probably got derailed during the Shiner Bock and margarita phase, which wasn’t a bad way to turn 40!

Let’s just say that these last nine years have flown by. That ten year old boy is now a sophomore in college. That 6 year old is about to get his driver’s license. Life is different. Life is full. We do not live boring lives. We do our best to adventure through it, but it’s time to shake it up!

Here’s what I’m doing for this 50th Birthday Challenge, this 50 before 50 frenzied extravaganza of ferocious fun!

  • Learn 5 songs on the guitar (I am a beginner, I know one chord)
  • Hit my body fat goal
  • Mountain Bike Race1
  • Travel Blog Paid Gig
  • Get an RV/Camping Trailer
  • Spend 50 nights not in my house
  • See 50 live bands
  • Do an open mic (singing)
  • Go to a blogging conference
  • Write 50 blog posts
  • Sing Karaoke in a bar full of strangers
  • Read or listen to 10 books
  • Donate $100 each to 5 good causes
  • Surprise 5 people with random gifts
  • Go to a Foot Massage Parlor
  • 5 nights of sleeping outside
  • 50 Random Acts of Kindness
  • Do the BC Bike Race
  • Do 5 festivals
  • 5 Hikes
  • Hike a fourteener
  • Volunteer
  • Try 50 new things
  • Inspire 500 Acts of Goodness
  • Inspire 5 birthday challenges

Will I do a frenzied fifty hour finale? I haven’t decided.

Should I?

I will be updating my list here: 50 Before 50. Please bookmark it and check in on me. I might need some help!