**** and a half!  Thank you (again) Brandon Sanderson for the hours and hours of entertainment!

Shadows of Self (Mistborn) is the 5th book in the Mistborn series that started way back in 2006 with Mistborn: The Final Empire. I would have never considered myself a fantasy genre fan, but I was trying to find something my husband and I could both enjoy. I’m so happy that we started this adventure into Fantasy and even Science Fiction. I’m continually blown away by the sheer imagination that is required to write these books. Start with the first one if you haven’t yet. Open your mind and enjoy!

My whole family loves this Mistborn series. When my 16 year old son listens to the book before I do, I’m excited, impressed and blown away. My kid is dyslexic, so the fact that he loves reading via Audible books, thanks to authors like Brandon Sanderson, Kevin Hearne, Larry Correia and so many more, fills my mother’s happy meter UP.


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