The Singing Couple… I kept thinking, “No way I’d do that!”

Admit it, you thought the couple singing at the gas pump were real, you laughed your butt off when the twerker girl caught on fire, and you might have even been a little bit baffled by the Manti Te’o mysterious dead girlfriend media frenzy. Yes, I fell for those too, among a few others.  Am I weird to say that I enjoy finding out some of these stupid things were hoaxes? And then there are those who make me mad like the waitress who posted the receipt that said the family wouldn’t tip her because of her lifestyle choices. She played on the sympathies of good people, and people actually sent her money to pay for the “bad” family who didn’t tip. Boo!

There are even some up there that *gasp* I’d never even heard of, so those were interesting too.

Enjoy the list by Mashable of the “Top Hoaxes of 2013.” You know you fell for at least one of them.