♥♥♥ My husband didn’t like this book so much which surprised me because it’s by one of our favorite authors, Brandon Sanderson. Well, that and it’s got 4.5 stars on Audible, have we no taste? He read it before I did and said it was “eh”. Undeterred, I plunged in. I think I liked it more than he did, but I see why he gave me a one noise review. There wasn’t as much action in this book. There was a lot of dialogue. I like dialogue, and to me, it was an interesting concept. This character takes forgery to a whole new realm. Is what she does “art?” That’s a big philosophical question, not just in the book, but in general. It made me think about it. Not that it’s an important distinction in the real world. It’s well written and I felt drawn in because of the characters more than the story, I think. It’s a fairly short read, and I have to say that I really wanted to find out what happened in the end!